first sex addict homework

my first homework assignment given to me from my therapist is basically a T chart, to wring degrading behavior or exploitive in any of my sexual experiences and the other one should contain a list of life enriching behaviors..


being choked, called a whore, being slapped, hair pulled, video recorded without my permission, give head, getting laughed at about my scars, told to swallow their cum, quickies in the back of the car, skipping class to fuck then going back the next period, giving head in a hallway corner at school, telling someone it hurts and them telling me just a little longer and keep going, boys friends robbing my parents while having sex in other room, and so on.

life enriching

telling him to stop and he listened, cuddling after, talking to me afterward, kissing my forehead  


im not even sure those count as life enriching, but i had to write something down

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