13. Worst Feeling

Have you ever ate so much that you have the food baby belly going on. Well, this morning I am feeling so bloated and because of it I feel super down about myself. I use to workout all the time and now I freaking eat all the time.

I go back and forth with the workouts and eating right vs. eh I will workout tomorrow and eating horrible. I need better ways to incorporate being active in my daily life. It’s so hard though because I can’t work yet, and I can’t leave the condo so I have to stay indoors till the hubby comes home.

Which means the couch, Netflix and my Nintendo 3DS is teasing me. I definitely have to overcome the laziness. I usually have to go on Pinterest and look at fitness pictures or Instagram for workout vids.

No more feeling bloated! I hate it. Stupid coffee. I knew I shouldn’t have drank you. Ha-ha. Well time to list the daily goals for today and get a freaking workout in.

Remember to never quit and to keep going.

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