I had braces 2 years ago. Put on 8th October 2013. I had them taken off a year later, which was a week before my 16th (21st November), the date I got them off was 13th November 2014. I know it’s weird I know the exact dates. 

When/after I had my braces put on the authodonist lady said she’s never seen someone so happy to have braces put on, it’s normally when they have them taken off they are happy. But my 2 frount top teeth were hideous. 

Also that same day I had them out on, there was a football match (yes I’m a girl, and I like football) and we were away against Chesham. I got some chips when we got there cause I had nothing to eat and I have to eat cause I have diabetics. It took me half an hour to eat a small thing of them. 

Omg those little bands hurt so much to begin with. They were so fidley to. They flicked in every direction possible. Oh gosh when they pinged in your mouth. 


What are your stories on braces? And memories. 

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