Falling in Love All Over Again


I was speaking to a friend of mine about an important topic dear to me. I was curious to know his opinion since I have been experimenting and testing out these feelings I am having. 

And I got my answer plain and simple. No Moon, he is not who you thought he was, so you can let go of this attachment to him now. I guess you need to experience some things to be able to really understand internally how things or people will fit in your life. 

With that being said, I am finding myself falling in love all over with Mr. Blue. Its a different kind of falling in love, its more like…. growing in love in a matured way that is geared to cultivate our own selves. Clearly, we are past the HS sweetheart phase. We’ve got adult problems to tackle. So no babying this time. I wanna work this out. 

I am wanting to try something new this time. I haven’t been quite successful in my passions in terms of career choices, but… I know, loving him I have done very well. Let’s see where this goes. 

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