It’s all Worth it

Every bad moment has been worth it to have these conversations with you. Where I realise that I make you happy, because it fills me with pure euphoria just to even think I’m good enough for you to care about me. It’s a dream like aspiration for me to be able to make someone like you feel better when I’m with you, and I’m living it. 

I’ needing to write here less and less now, I have you to talk to about my problems, and your perfect self can help me solve each and every one. You make me feel like I’m worth something, for the first time in forever when I look in the mirror I see someone worth caring about.

Sure I still have my problems, not even you can get rid of them this quickly, but now my problems help shape who I want to be rather than defining who I am, and that feels fucking amazing. I don’t think I could fall any deeper in love with you if I tried.

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