Still grieving

Hi Friends!  It’s been almost a week since Lady died.  Every time I go in or out of the house I expect to see her happy face in the pen.  I find myself talking to her. I know she is in a better place.  Meanwhile, I bundled up my youth novel to submit in a contest.  70$ and cents to enter.  I hope I win!  Normally I am pretty pessimistic about such things, but I know God’s blessing is on this book.  I am SO hopeful!  When I first wrote it, it was 287 pages long and God said, “the characters are good, but the plot is all wrong.  When it is right, it will be published.”  He didn’t speak into the air or anything, just inside my heart.  I threw away all 287 pages right then and started with just my characters and ended up with a much better story.  It involves forgiving, and how hard it is, but how needful.  And not impossible.  Also sometimes it takes time.  The book is heart-warming and hopeful.  I wish all of you could read it and tell me your thoughts on it.  Anyhow…wish me luck!Actually wish me the favor of God, and His blessing on my story as written.  Thanks!..

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