14. What Can I do

I downloaded this app on iPhone called Elevate, and I am so glad I found this app. I have always wanted to try and expand my vocabulary, learn ways to help me remember things and so on and so on. This app gives you a brain workout daily to either help you improve your math skills, writing, memorization, reading, grammar, vocabulary, listening skills and speech skills. It is definitely a great app for you if you love to learn by doing these exercises.

I just now finished writing out definitions for a couple of words that I would like to study for this week. Makes me happy to know that I would like to improve myself. I was the complete opposite a couple of years ago. Now I enjoy reading, writing and learning new things.

I just now cleaned out my Instagram and tumblr from the people I was following and replaced them with people who post positive things going on. Like the artistic ones who love drawing and painting things. Something that I would love to do one day. Another who posts positive life and success quotes and more.

I cant wait to get a job so I can buy books from the bookstore and art supplies! Makes me very excited to know what the Lord has for my life.

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  1. I appreciate you have mentioned about a learning app called elevate, I will try how useful it is for me. An I can suggest you that, how about using that newly learned word in next days journal, by making the new word italisized. So that we will catch that.

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