Day 487 – Learning rules of the road & spiders

Monday, June 26th 2017

Today was my first driving class. Not an actual driving around class, but more theory work where you learn the different rules of the road. There’s a test tomorrow already, however it’s in groups. I luckily found a classmate from my school and so I joined her. Last time I talked to her was in 9th grade, the start of it, but that’s fine. At least we’re familiar to each other. There’s also a guy at our table that’s pretty quiet, possibly shy and cute, but he looks a lot older than me. I think he’s in his early twenties. Anyway, after the class I walked home, which is probably a 15 min walk and decent enough exercise, cause I also have to walk to get to class. Then I went to put my dog outside the back door, but there was a transparent, yellow spider there. I had my hand so close to it. To make matters worse, there was a black spider near my foot crawling around quickly until I lost it. I spent 1-1.5 hours just standing watch far enough away. I tried to kill the yellow one at least, but my heart would pound faster and I’d be too afraid. Eventually my mom and brother came back. My brother killed the yellow one, but the black one was gone. Then I was paranoid and just sad until before supper when my mom was vacuuming for the spider and found it. After that I was just down, but more relaxed now the spiders are dead.

For a while I watched RWBY and studied my notes before watching two episodes of Supernatural. I plan on taking my exam for the G1 the Tuesday after this one, if I’m not working.

That’s all for today.

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