Ecstatic Dream: Chapter 1 And Only

Characters: M1, B, M2, F, O (a few ones like 5 includin’ FAs and STs. All together. All the same)

Scene: I have no clue. Just imagine sth. I can only promise it’s clean.

To M1: I’m sure you cry. You beat the hell out of ur3lf. You may even die. You know what? Let’s skip you. Otherwise I can’t do it at all….

To B: do you check my body? Do you even come to my funeral? Yeah, you do. And you pay for it. I love you too and I’m sry I wasn’t a boy.

To M2: O hny I destroyed you a long time ago. There’s nothing left for you worse than what I already gave you. O hny, why didn’t you kill me?

To F: you may cry too, callin’ me a coward. You’re never wrong. Baby I’m missin’ you every day and night. 365 fuckin’ days I count for you. I would die for you if I could ever live. Don’t blame you. Don’t blame me. And never blame us. This “us” was the only valuable thing I had.

To Ox: I have only 1 sry left. Take it or leave it.

To Oxx: you should be happy deep deep down. So, congrats I guess?

To Oxxx: I don give a damn what you would do.

To Oxxxx: ok, take half a sry from Ox. Now would you stop it?

To Oxxxxx: TBH, I think about you sometimes. When I’m too bored to think about “while” it’s happenin’ or too scared to think about what M1, B, M2 & F would do “after” it. You’re fun, sayin’ horrible stuff about me. I guess I’m the only one who wins the both sides of bein’ backbitten. Chew now. Enjoy your freedom, dear.

To me: Ha! That’s the tricky point. I’m not in this scene at all. My part is done. I resigned. I’m dead 🙂

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