In need of romance 2012

This k-drama has me crying like a damn baby! I understand all the emotions, fights, and heartbreaks in.

I am the hopelest of all hopeless romantics. This is my flaw, I want to hope that love conquers all. For a person who has never seen a real, healthy, true relationship; but only know the toxic of toxics, I want to believe in love. My delusion of us, finally getting the happily ever after, is just that.

2 thoughts on “In need of romance 2012”

  1. I FEEL THIS. It sucks, especially now in our generation where people can’t commit to anything and social media plays a huge part in it. Which one are you watching?

  2. @siennaxxx- I finally finished drama In Need of Romance 2012 on Netflix. I took me about a week, just because it was heartbreaking to watch… T_T I’ve started My Sassy Girl (2017), but I think I like the original version more. But I do love the period customs on this drama. ^_^

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