“i’m god”.

Today I finally signed up for my August SAT. The deadline is in late July, but my mom reminded me to do it early, so thankfully I did. Otherwise, I would have just kept procrastinating until the night of the registration deadline.

I have two months to study for it. It’s going to be my last chance. Honestly… that scares me so much. I’m procrastinating just because I’m scared and I don’t want to do anything related to school, even though school is literally two months away.


Also, drawing can really be a pain on “bad days”, when it feels like my art skills have actually deteriorated from what they were a few months ago. It’s confusing.


I’m listening to a one-hour loop of Clams Casino’s song “I’m God”. It’s ethereal. It sounds so beautiful and excruciatingly happy that it’s depressing.


Some things to look forward to: Seeing my friends again when school opens, having access to better Wifi at school (for some reason the Wifi at my house stinks. It was working fine until my dad tinkered with it while he was here and now it’s terrible), enjoying cooler weather, wearing jeans and jackets comfortably, and getting an iPad for an early Christmas gift. Nice.


I’m really angry at all of the pro-life and pro-choice fighting that’s been going on since forever, but if I start writing about it I’ll just get angrier and I won’t be able to stop my rant, so I’m not going to talk about it. I’m just going to say that I would like to fight anyone who has the audacity to think that they should dictate what women should and should not do with their bodies.


And hey, I got 16 likes on a Commaful story I wrote. Cool. A new record.


I originally titled this “jammin’.”, but since I’m not listening to music that is actually good for jamming out to, I changed it.

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