Sometimes I just wanna scream!

I noticed I haven’t been here in ages and it made me feel kind of guilty because, well because…because all of this gone time passed by and I left only blank pages, I feel responsible  to fill in the pages, and I want to give an update. Wrap it in gently before I send it out there in the big nowhere, see if anyone reach it. 

I actually feel good these days, I am in a spot in my life where things feels good actually, I can’t complain or blame anyone for having bad days, because they re really good, no irony! It`s summer, but have not experienced the sunny weather yet, I haven’t gotten my freckles or pink skin not dared walking down to the beach ! Well, one day soon……! 

I get creative when it`s evening, when it is late, dark outside, I didn’t go to bed just yet, I want to sit up, watch the stars see the sunset, feel the sand cool off between my toes and have a cup of cacao and a blanket around me 🙂 A few candles burning and just let my mind wander off, happy calm and sleepy… 

So tell me about you, how have you been? Are you in a happy place? Or does it suck….Hey cheer up, its okay, it’ll come, someday someday soon! 



2 thoughts on “Sometimes I just wanna scream!”

  1. I want to scream because after being quiet for so long, it actually needs to come out! 🙂 Scream shout, make noice and let my voice be heard…

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