252.6 – Same, I’ll take it! That was a big loss yesterday, I’m glad I kept it.

Day 10 of being perfectly on-plan- “perfectly” being that I track everything and I stay under 30g total carbs. Stringin’ together those on-plan days Sleeping through the night, high energy, and I bought a bunch of new clothes that fit me so more and more people at work have been commenting on my weight loss.

It feels so good to be back on track. Mentally, physically, etc.

I am looking forward to having lost an official 60 pounds, but what I’m really itchin’ to see is the 240’s. At 249.9, I will be closer to 200 than to 300, which will be a good little boost for me, mentally. But hey, first thing’s first, and hitting that 60# mark will be amazing all the same.

The plan for today:

Have an awesome on-plan day, all

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