15. Math……

Wow, I hate that I am so bad at math. It’s weird because I remember in high school I was really good with Pythagorean Theorem and Algebra 1, but whenever I started the pre calculus class, that’s when it all went down hill. I think it was because my teacher had a weird way of, you know, teaching us. He didn’t really say anything, he just wrote down a problem and the solution and literally that was the whole year. I didn’t really learn from that class and it kind of upsets me because ever since then I never had an interest in dealing with numbers.

It would either bore me or just confuse the heck out of me. Now, my husband is a number fanatic, or well he’s just really intelligent. He did graduate with a bachelors degree and major in accounting so there’s a little hint on how easy it is for him to calculate numbers.

I’m talking about this because I just recently finished my little workout on that Elevate app, and one of the mini games you had to complete was finding the answer from the numbers it gives you, and it was dealing with percentages..

So for example, 50% out of 1200… is 600. Then more questions like that come.

Going through this made me realize why I never cared much about finding that price from discounts in stores, because I was bad at it. Ha-ha.

Even though I did bad my first couple of times, I started getting the hang of finding the solutions and actually doing mental math in my head. Stuff that I could never do before. Now I know a few things here and there, and honestly, I can’t wait to improve more in that area.

A math novice in training lol.

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  1. Math is a major of discipline … you don’t learn it if you don’t work the problems. I have a bachelor’s degree in math and it surely came with some tears of frustration! I’m sorry you had a bad teacher, it sounds like you’d ace it if you could re-take the math he taught with a teacher who communicates a little better. (P.S. I was bad at math until I took a catch-up intermediate algebra class in college!)

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