Day 2

So I completely forgot to write this last night so i’m going to do both today and yesterday tonight rather than skip a day and there wasn’t too much to say about today so i may as well really.

Another really average non-working day start to the day, because i wasn’t at work I slept in until about half ten which is always good haha. pretty much just got up and had a shower and had breakfast really. I’m on a diet currently but its not as strict as much when it comes down to the main meal at night, its just everything else that is more of a “diet” standard. The lowdown is that I’m trying to lose a bit of weight to get down to my ideal body which is just a standard lean build at first. I wouldn’t say i am fat at the moment but i have a little bit a chub really which i hate and is probably the link to my social anxiety really. 

The basic reason for going to the gym and wanting to lose weight is to simply put it; get a girlfriend. This isn’t even for the generic reason you might think that a guy wants one for which is “sex” and that’s all he wants. Personally I’m a believer of the idea that sex is for couples who are together and want to be intimate as opposed to just for pleasure and one night stands. With that said it doesn’t bother me if others are like that at all, that’s just the way i view it so i wouldn’t personally be all into sex on the first date unless i really had a connection. I would just love a girlfriend for all the intimate time you spend together and all the date nights and talking and cuddling and the list goes on really. Sort of why i’m on tinder which a lot of people consider “sad”.

Literally the most important thing that happened today was my journey to the gym really. I go to the gym between 3-4 times a week and I have to bike 2 miles there and back which I use as my cardio (including the 4 miles to work and 4 miles back every time i’m working). As of right now I just use the resistance machines for my workout which is mostly back, chest, arms and shoulders. To simply put it i’m too self conscious to use the free weights as of right now but if on Thursday the gym is pretty empty I’m going to attempt them and see how it goes from there. Gym was pretty busy today, the usual people in, there was a new girl in that i haven’t seen before, she clearly works out a lot as he had a great body and had a really pretty face so sort of brightened up my morning. (No i don’t stare either before someone says something haha). 

Finished gym and had my lunch at the cafe that is there which is run by my family, as well as the salon upstairs. Reading game of thrones at the moment so was reading that with my lunch, on the fourth book at the moment and i recommend it to anyone who likes the show as its just even better. Went home after I finished eating.

Got home and just played League of Legends for a bit with some of my friends on my PC and started talking to a new girl on tinder I had previously matched with the night before and spoke a bit. I’m actually incredibly attracted to the girl (going to use maddie as her name) and she only has 3 pictures which aren’t even full body shots, she just fits my perfect type which is hard to explain but yeah. We spoke a bit last night and i love talking to her, the way she replies back is exactly how i feel i would be in person and we seem to be getting on well.

She works nights and doesn’t finish until like 12 so we talk why she is behind the bar at work, the weird thing is that she stopped replying last night at like around 12 ish and then when i sent a message in the morning she didn’t reply until she started work which i thought was strange (she also lives relatively close to me, like a ten minute train for a fiver return). She has also then done this tonight and hasn’t replied to my most recent message which even ended with me asking her a question to encourage conversation. It’s basically 12 ish again and has stopped replying so not sure how interested she really is although she gives big replies when she does. Would give anything to know how a girl really thinks when she is talking to a guy haha. 

That is about it for today, quickly after I just went to bad and that was it. If anyone does read this by the off chance, I hope my days are somewhat amusing or maybe the insight into a 20 year old guys mind is interesting.

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