Day 488 – More class and Sherlock S4

Tuesday, June 27th 2017

Today was alright.

Had the driving class again. I ate alone, since my friend wasn’t there. A girl sat next to me in class, in her place. When we went into groups for the test, she asked if we could go with two other groups of two (since it was of 3 and she wanted to be with two girls in two different groups), but the cute guy (one mentioned yesterday) next to me and I just looked at each other (or he looked at me and I just shrugged) and stayed silent in shyness and awkwardness, so… Dunno. We ended up doing it the three of us. It went well, but the teacher sent another student to help us since we were running behind, and we corrected a couple of questions we might of got wrong. I contributed a little, although I was equally as confused as my group, because of the weird French terms. At some point I looked at the cute guy next to me while he was talking and ugh… He’s so attractive, haha. Although, when we signed some papers so we could get instructors, the teacher asked why he left the school line empty, and he said he graduated. She also said to put university or college before, but he didn’t even put that. By that and his looks, he’s probably around 24. Of course he’s too old for me! Why do I always have to like older guys…

The day went by a lot faster and I went home. No spiders this time thankfully. I actually took arachnophobia quizzes last night to make sure I had it, and at the end of one it said to enter my email for the result, but I didn’t, since after answering “yes” to 90% of the question on negative reactions, pretty sure I know the answer. Didn’t really need to take the quiz to know I have it, but I dunno. Helped me keep busy before going to bed, I guess.

I watched episode one of Sherlock season four, finally. I enjoyed it. I was confused a lot of the time, but that’s because I’m not used to Sherlock’s quick speaking and mumbling anymore, so I had difficulty understanding. The episode also had a lot of effects and imagery, which was different? Not sure I like it. Some moments it was weird, others cool. And I won’t say what, but the episode was sad at the end… Although, SPOILER : You know things are serious when Sherlock goes to therapy.

That’s all for today.

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