English is not the problem. Actually..

I thought, not being so fluent in English is the baracate for becoming a good communicator. 

I just realized that, English is nothing to do with, the actual problem is somewhere else!, Yes. Here I have tried to put those points. It is true at least in my case. 

Slow thought proces, lack of information an that tend to use a lot of negative statements, also before making a conversation, we make sure the opponent know that we are not too sure about what we are going to talk. Without facts and figures conversation about something will not bring the effectiveness. So at least we would have some knowledge about it. Or else it will not bo so effective. 

For a test, I just wanted to talk about train. Couldn’t talk more than 6 sentence, because I haven’t traveled much in train. Next, The Taj Mahal, I just read about it in school, 15 years ago, so obviously no more details to talk about. When we want to share our opinion we can choose an tell whatever​ we want,  but when we talk over some facts or thing or matter, without enough detail is the thing which holds us from making a good conversation.


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