faces and yet more faces.

Very quick:

I found a cool website called lineofaction.com that offers neat drawing exercises. Basically you choose what you want to draw (in my case, heads and faces), then choose the gender of your references, their expressions, and how long each reference should be displayed, then just start drawing. It’s really fun, because then you’re working to make the basic face as accurate as possible, not wasting time on details when the basic frame doesn’t even look right (which is what I do a lot of the time).

I just want to be able to draw faces. Mostly so I can draw fictional characters and non-canon ships that I like, hehehe.

I was feeling really depressed for an hour or so before I started drawing. But I have realized that writing tends to make me more sad than drawing. I think it’s because when I’m writing, I’m trying to express how I feel (which is “sad” more often than not), but when I’m drawing, I’m trying to create something beautiful or interesting. I’m probably never going to be very good at drawing, but it’s still a calming thing to do.


These lofi mixes are so nostalgic and sad. I just remembered that one track I liked, dreamin’ by Xori. Very strange and very good. Lophee, Syros, and STEEZYASFUCK have such good albums and playlists.


I was thinking about binge-watching a new TV show or something, but then I realized that I don’t have the heart. I also can’t really think of any shows I REALLY want to watch, except maybe Supernatural or Stranger Things. I was going to watch Sense8 a while back, but since it’s been canceled, I’m not going to bother. Any show recs, anyone?

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  1. I’m glad drawing helps you heal a bit. It helped me until I actually tired to make something look really good and then get frustrated and quit when it didn’t work out my way lol
    I’m glad you found something that will help you do what you would like to do

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