I’m Not That Mom

Have you ever caught yourself looking at the moms on the magazine covers? No? Just me, okay then. I often wonder how they find the time to look that good. Well here is the truth my way. 3 kids. I have a 3 year old rambunctious boy, and 1 year old sweet twin girls. Already thinking how can I deal with that. I’ll answer that very simple. YOU JUST DO. I mean I can’t be one of those celebrities who can pay people to help raise my kids. So I’ll make this entry about how my crazy life is.

So my little boy is more of the hyper, dare devil type. Jumping off furniture, running out the front door, takes a few falls but gets back up. He keeps me on my toes. crazy right?!? No very well expected with boys. 

Now my girls are very sweet. they mind there business, do there own baby things. barely do they cause any trouble. May catch something in there mouth that shouldn’t be their in the first place. Examples you may ask; mulch(don’t ask), dog food, dirt. Ya know all the stuff we ate growing up. No not really. I only ate dirt. But the idea was given.

My typical day. Better term would be OUR typical day. There is no my, mine, it’s ours. Wake up early cause kids don’t know what sleeping in means, leaving them in the crib to play doesn’t work at all. They fake cry. Get up, sneak in there to see they are perfectly fine. But guess what? they caught you as you was leaving the room. So you’re standing there with no other choice but to cater the needs they have. Now my little boy, well he does his own thing in the morning. get up, wander the house, seeing what new adventures is in store for me. Skip past the details of changing there diapers, basic morning routine stuff.

Breakfast time, oh my. My son wants a million different things to eat. cereal, chips, bacon, candy. You name it. Well I prefer not to do junk food for breakfast. So cereal is the only reasonable thing at this time. My girls take whatever you give them. They love pancakes/waffles. Only problem with that is you don’t know if they are full or not. They have a tendency to steal each others food. It’s hard to just sit and watch them eat. They are turtles. Takes 15 minutes for them to eat a pancake. No joke. So my attention span veers off about 5 mins after watching them. Breakfast is over. Regular clean up is getting done. Kids are set to roam free.

Kids are off playing, minding there business. Great let me sit here and figure out what I would like to do first for myself. Haha here we go again using the word myself. Shower sounds nice, if you had peace. Can’t exactly lock my door or close it while I wash up. Never know when an emergency will arise. That leads to 3 kids watching me as I wash my body. Uncomfortable? very much so. Same goes for using the restroom. Well I am the mom that wears her night clothes day and night. Owns expensive makeup that just lingers in the bathroom screaming to be used. Just too tired today for it.  One who slaps her hair up in a bun. Looking like a zombie. Dark circles under the eyes. Can’t remember if I applied deodorant or what not.

Nap time approaches. Choices are, clean up the house, pamper yourself, or join in on the nap. Well let me try to do all 3. Yeah, no that doesn’t work. By the time you hit the nap, they are waking up. Damn. Never fails. Same routine for lunch as it is with breakfast. 

Were about midway in the day. Toys are scattered in the living room, lord knows some ended up in the bathroom, don’t ask how. Houdini? well he can help make this mess disappear. Finding snacks that I gave them hours earlier in random places. Would you like to know? probably not best to ask. Now I have the chance to sit down to enjoy social media for a bit. Then an awful smell runs across your nose. All 3 pooped. My break just went out the front door along with my son. Diapers are changed, but just seen a mess my son spilled in his room. One thing after another literally. 

Dinner, baths, okay this gets easier by the end of the day. Probably cause bedtime is near. Now is the time to try and relax with them and put on some kid movie. That never goes well. Attention span last 10 minutes for all of us. Never have I been so happy over the word BEDTIME. Kids are in bed. Finally ME time. soak in a bath, candles lit, music on low with a glass of wine, said no mom ever. Picking up toys, catching up on some housework, not even changing my clothes. I’ll sleep with the hand prints from food painting. Blankets down, sliding in the bed with the words ahhh yes. Now it’s my turn to call it a night. Wake up to do it all over again. Life of a mom, maybe it’s just my life. Who knows, heh!

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