My lists today

What I am grateful for:  (I do this  list to help stave off a bad attitude)

My mom gave me an assisted stretching session last night.  She sends me home with food for myself and my grown son who lives on his own.  She’s talking about wanting to ride a trike (old-people bicycle, not motorcycle style), and I know how much my son would love it if his grandma would ride a bike with him again.

I found a recipe I’ve been looking for for Cuban-style stuffed peppers that includes an out-of-this-world tomato sauce made with cumin and red wine.  I wanted a dinner without too many carbs, as I’ve loaded on them enough already today.

Today was an unexpectedly calm day on my job.  Perhaps I should have been preparing for an undefined shitstorm of tomorrow, but instead I used my moderately-engaged attitude and took a midday walk with my dog!  You’d think it would be easy to step away from your work-from-home job for a walk any time of the day, but it is surprisingly easy to forget to do.  Or as soon as you decide you have time to do it, someone catches you on Skype and needs your attention on something.

Thankful that my back didn’t hurt this morning.  I must be needing a new bed (or who am I kidding, some ab strength and weight loss).

I’m thankful that I found this web site!  It reminds me a lot of a beloved journaling site that was popular in the aughts, but has shut down in recent years.  Two private posts of freewriting before this helped me clear my head and get some perspective about some painful events that happened in the past few years.  I feel like I’m finally not in some defensive and protective mode anymore, ready to leave that repair phase behind me and go into a growth phase.

Things to do: (I do this list because I never know what to do when I play hooky, aka take PTO)

Get a pedicure, go to AZ for the winter again, pay cash for a new-to-me car, go to some bluegrass concerts, get some mandolin lessons, sit on my patio with a good book at sunset, ride my bike to a brewery and fill up my insulated growler, get some fresh flowers, do some gardening, make some new friends, go buy the cool Prince hat at the music store across town, turn my walking into running, rent a hotel for a week on the ocean for just me-myself-&-I, rent a cabin on a lake right here in the midwest, draw pictures of inspirational art pieces at local museums, find a new favorite nonprofit and start donating time and money to their mission, take my cousin out fishing, take a book and a picnic lunch to a park on a nice day and sit and read, go to Paris and Amsterdam and Cuba (and Czech Republic), go see a movie, get involved in the local data-visualization meetup groups.  What do you do with your days off?

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