252.2 – Down .4 from yesterday, and I am now .2 away from having lost 60 pounds

Had a great on-plan day yesterday. The hubs ended up making Tuna Melt Wraps with these NuCo Coconut Wraps we bought for dinner last night and they were delicious! He made me one and I immediately asked for another. Afterward I was sooooo satisfied, and it was nice to eat my tuna melt on something. Bread is not an option, so we do what we can

I am starting to stretch out lunch so that I can begin 24-hour fasting again. I ended up stopping attempting to fast while my body got used to exercise, and now it’s used to it, so I can stretch out lunches until later in the day. Today I will bring a Bison Epic Bar to work (it’s basically pemmican) and crack into that sucker around 2:30, 3:00ish.

The plan for today:

Have a fabulous on-plan day, all

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