My sister is writing a book. An autobiography. With chapters about me. I can’t say I blame her as our lives have been hard but part of me wishes she wasn’t. 

I’m not sure how explicit or detailed she will be with her recounting of events and I’m not sure if she will change our names or if she will use a pen name but I’m scared. I’m scared that if she writes about it then that makes it real- like saying it out loud. Obviously I know that my life is real but with her autobiography published and out in the world then that means that anyone can read it and see into how we grew up. I spent so much of my life ignoring and running away from my childhood memories that the last thing I want is to have them publish in a book for everyone to read and form an opinion on it. 

Im sure she will do a great job, she always was a great writer. She is good with words and understands how to create a mental image for the reader. I can’t do that, I’ve tried many times but I write straight to the put sentences, I’m not one for metaphors or imagery. I guess my problem isn’t about how she will write it, more about what she will write. 

I can’t tell her not to write it as it’s her way of coping and moving on from our childhood. Plus it’s not like the whole book is about my entire experiences and not even from my point of view, it will all be from her point of view and perspective. 


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