16. Stress

I really don’t know what to title this because there is a lot on my mind. It all started last night when my husband came home, so exhausted from work. He works so hard at his job but he is never respected, taken seriously, helped, and always blamed for everyone else’s mistakes. While he was telling me what happened that day, as a Christian woman, I tried hard to hide the anger and bring him back up and let him know he’s doing a great job. But, I wish I could do more.

It really pains me to see him like this. I don’t’ understand how everyone there gives him such a hard time, whenever he doesn’t do anything wrong. I guess you just have to live with those types of people in this world.

I prayed about it last night, and I am very hopeful that God has a great plan for him. I just need ways now to help my husband feel stress free, and let him know that it’ll all be okay. To learn how to stay positive and leave the situation in God’s hands.

Well, I have my coffee on the left, and my dog on the right. I’m about to do research on the Canadian immigration to see what I am missing or what I need to do left. I am going to do some yoga and relax, clean, do laundry, and maybe read a bit after.

I should plan a little something for him when he comes home. Maybe a nice bath, look at our old photos and a good meal. Let him know that I love him and I just want to see him smile and laugh again.

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