Things with my son have been rough today. He forgot to take his ADHD medicine this morning so he’s being a jerk. Things with my husband have improved over the last week or two. Only because my libido is back – and that’s only because I forgot to refill my birth control pills.  I was out of refills so a request for the doctor has to be made adding a couple of extra days.  We always fight about sex.  Sucks that I’m actually getting aroused again,  but still can’t get things right for an orgasm.  Frustrating! That was why I shut down sexually (on purpose) to begin with.  Ugh.  Work has been kinda crappy too.  My boss/bff got transferred to a different store,  and I’m supposed to transfer with her,  but my new manager is being a dick and won’t release me.  Said he needs me for at least 30 days.  Now I’m driving 30 minutes to a cashier job I’m not willing to be at.  He has cut my hours too,  making it even less reasonable. If he doesn’t send me soon,  I’m putting in my notice. 

Anyway,  on June 1st I had a customer knock me down with her car after an argument over a Slurpee.  My hips have been severe since.  I had an MRI done Saturday on my left hip,  and I went for the right today but the machine wouldn’t power up after an electrical outage.  Rescheduled for next Wednesday.  Ugh.  

I started reading a book I purchased about a year ago.  “She Comes First”.  It is interesting (even a little humorous) so far.  Off to read for a bit. Have a fantabulous evening! 

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