Day 29 – 30 Days of Remembrance

I’m almost at the end of my 30 days of Remembrance and I asked my sisters if they wanted to share memories. It’s amazing and wonderful to see our parents through each other’s eyes.

Brenda – When mom and dad took me to physiotherapy at Wascana to get my brace etc; we would go to the casino after and then have lunch. We would go to Superstore so they could get groceries and I would pick up stuff even after I said I didn’t really need anything!! My cart was usually fuller than theirs when we took it to the car. They thought that was always funny.
Shelley – The most important one to me is how they were always there for me to help when I was sick; most of all to help my children and be the loving grandparents they were. They were very giving….never selfish. Lots of fun times; playing cards with them on Saturday night after church and eating fresh baked cake at midnight. Riding in the combine with dad. Watching the birds at the feeder with mom and seeing how excited she got when there were baby hummingbirds in her window. So many happy memories. Miss them both everyday. 😘
Leanne – Sitting under our big tree with mom and shelling peas and snapping beans. Playing in the hayloft. Building strawbail forts. Hiking and playing in the pasture land up where the cow patties were. Feeding the pecking chicken. Taking lunch to dad on the combine or swather. Cleaning the barn. Letting the calfs suck on our fingers. Dad fixing his farm equipment. Mom’s double decker chocolate birthday cakes. The milkhouse. Our attempt at making butter one time. The cream in our cereal. Making home made pizza out of the yellow box…oh what a treat. Eating breakfast at the United church on Sundays.

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