How Do I Love My self?

How do I love myself?

How do I show myself love?

How do I say I love you to myself?


This is the moment in my life, that I am doing some soul searching, and reflecting on who I am as a person. And today’s thought is How do I love myself? Do I know what love is, was I ever taught how to love someone unconditionally? As of right now, since I have up rooted myself from people who I thought were important, and loved me; I feel as alone, scared, and unwanted. This needs to be addressed and resolved, for my happiness in the future. I need to learn to accept myself, acknowledge my growth, and love myself unconditionally. I can’t depend on someone to love me, when I don’t love myself. I need to be able to enjoy my own presence, appreciate my values, and accept my flaws.

First, buy myself flowers. Check. If I like flowers, I should by myself flowers. Why do I need to wait for someone else to buy them for me. Why do I have to wait until someone, thinks I deserve to receive such a gift? What I deserve should be based on my terms, I am the only one who truly knows my own self, and my worth. And damn it, I am worthy to receive flowers every damn day!

Second date myself. Unchecked, yet. This is going to be a little tricky. It is very uncomfortable, knowing I am all alone in a public setting. Who do I talk to? Where should I look? What should I be doing, when I am alone in a restaurant? How do I enjoy my own company? Well first, I need to remind myself that I am not alone. I can rely on myself, I am there for myself, I am independent, and I can conquer my fears. Deep breaths, you got this.

Third is to support myself, push myself to dream big.  Accomplish personal goals big or small, travel, sky diving, zip lining, jumping off cliffs and plunge into the deep water, open more to meeting new friends.


…. Once I’ve learned to love myself, don’t change. I am who I am. Be proud in how far I’ve come from. Lastly is work on mending relationships.

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