I want you, will u be mine?

Baby, today is the day we make a commitment. I never expect a man like you would win my heart but you did. To be honest, I’m in love with you the moment when you say,”i want  you, will you be my girl?”.  For me, it’s the bravest thing a man could ever did because not all man can say such words. People might say I’m crazy for accepting you because I’ve generally known you only for couples of day and plus, you’re 2 years younger than me. But that’s not the point. I do really appreciates man who knows what he wants and get into action ! For me, that’s a gentleman. 

So the story begins when I make a commitment to move on from a guy. For certain people, this guy is not worth fighting for because he never explains why he leave so suddenly. I already gave him 1 months to explain but he never did. So I make a decision to forget him after his birthday. That was my promise. So, after his birthday, I never see him again. ever. 

Until finally, I got a text in my instagram account. It’s from a guy I never met but he knows me hahaha! He’s name is Bayu. A junior student from my college. We text until midnight for 4 days then one night, he asked me out. We went to McDonald and he buys me McFlurry Ice Cream. Well, at the very first sight, he’s not so bad after all. By that I mean, he has a good-looking face especially with his glasses on. God, I was nervous at that time. He told me about his stories, his love-life, his family, his dream and we talked until midnight. From what I see, he’s a good man. He loves his family and he has a dream to be a successful entrepreneur one day. It’s a shock for a teenager like him already have a plan for his life. So from that’s moment on, I started to adore him. 

Then it’s getting really serious when he suddenly stopped all the stories and asked me a question. “Will you accept me to be your boyfriend?”. Well, I know it’s a sudden question coming from a mouth of man that I barely even know. So I asked him back 3 questions. “why did you choose me?”, “what kind of relationship do you want?” and “will you commit on this relationship”. He answered it directly and with that, he already wins my heart. So, I said YES !

On 29th June 2017, I officially become his girl. 

So, let the love story begins!

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