The Sunset

The melody of his favorite country song played on his radio. I could hear him humming along and I tried to focus my thoughts on his voice. My feet pressed against the floorboards of his truck, my right foot repeatedly pressed down, as if I was trying to brake in the passenger seat.

“Hey. Relax,” he was looking at me. His blonde hair was slicked back and he had a faint trace of an amused smile on his lips.

“Relax? There are 4 inches between us and the edge of a cliff!” I replied, my voice rising an octave, exasperated. 

“We’re safe. You’re safe. Relax.”

I tried to believe him. My stomach fluttered nervously as he took a turn slowly. I could tell he was being extra cautious with me being in his truck with him.

We finally made it up the mountain. A different mountain. A different man.

He gently took my hand and pressed his lips against it, leaving an everlasting impression. It was such a genuine gesture. He smile was so big that I felt myself smiling back at him.

We watched the sun go down together at the top of the mountain. Hues of oranges and yellows painted the darkening sky above the small city that I was raised in. It was absolutely breathtaking, watching the lights twinkle happily below us. He began telling me stories of all the sunsets he had watched while traveling across the United States. He told me that we all had the opportunity to watch the sunset every night, yet none of us took the time to admire the true beauty that surrounded us. 

There are some people who enter your life with promises of being permanent. You start to become attached to each other – you learn so much about them as they open up, and you do the same – it feels wonderful, gaining another friend or lover. Before you realize it, their lives become part of your life.

But then they disappear as quickly as they appeared. You didn’t want to trust them, but they seemed so sincere that you couldn’t help it. When they leave you feel empty, hollow, and used. Just like always.

But some people just want you to see the sunset differently. Some people just want to make you smile, or to make you laugh because they love the sound of it, and some people just want to kiss the back of your hand to show you how much they appreciate your happiness.

Be around those people. Surround yourself with those people. Be one of those people.

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