Your soul mate wifey really is your soul. She is your ride or die, main squeeze, baddest bitch bride you’ve ever met…and arguably more important than any woman you will ever date.

Similar to a love connection, when you meet her you just know.

There’s a lot of magic that happens when you find your soulmate wifey. And when you do, your lows aren’t really that low anymore because she’s always there to lift you back up and remind you of how badass you really are.

There’s not even a need for a punchline anymore – you’re already laughing.
You’re each other’s therapists too many times to count…
But you also tell each other when you need to shut up. The need for that will never wane.

You let each other come back no matter how long you’ve strayed away. You always let each other do your own thing because you know that you’ll always come back to each other eventually. 

Through the good, the bad, and the ugly, somehow she just gets you.
You’re the weirdest when you’re together and make fun of each other like siblings. 
The first day you met, you felt like you had known each other mad long.

You still think she’s the most beautiful girl in the world – even when she’s in her sweats with no make-up.
You bicker like an old married couple – but the fight just makes you closer. You’re probably too attached to each other to stay mad for too long anyway.

When you need each other’s support on something, you give each other’s best arm , not just each’s affectionate hand. That’s how you really separate a friend from a soulmate wifey. 

You’re so in sync that when you go out you laugh at the same things around you without even saying a word.

You’re really comfortable in silence – quite possibly the most awesome intimate friendship thing.

You both have the same list of “people I would like to punch in the face.”
She can distinguish if you’re in love, in lust, or just like someone before you even can.

You both have the same side eye.
No matter how long you lose touch for or haven’t seen each other, when you meet again it’s the same magical, and awesomely weird connection.

You would accept the fact that no matter how much she rants about certain friends and people and “just friends” in her life, she’ll still take them back and keep them despite the many hours of godly advice you give her.

You’ll still always be there for her when she finally discover and realize your own point about them, without saying “I told you so.”

Because you know she will never judge you for anything.
No matter how much of an asshole or cunt one can be, you’ll always forgive each other.
Boundaries have completely disappeared; personal space has no meaning for you.

3 am, 4 am 5 am – no time is off limits to call when you’re in need.
When shit gets real, you know she got your back and you got hers.
You always tell each other how it is.

You’ll let each other cry and wallow and vent as much as you need, but when it’s time to get back up and fight, you’ll use some tough love to make sure she’ll never stay in a slump for long.

When she’s sad, you’re sad. When she’s happy, you’re happy. It’s just that Siamese connection.

She’s your ride or die bitch for life.

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