What am I doing up

I only got 3 or 4 hours of sleep last night and I have no idea why I woke up so early this morning.  Weird thing is, I’m not even that tired right now.  I mean it’ll probably hit me later.  So a lot has been going on.  I’m on somewhat of a party bender.  Sunday I went out with Evan, another girl I used to work with, and David.  David is somewhat of a new friend who I’ve started talking to more.  He used to work at my store and we’ve hungout only a few times.  We all went to a bar which was alright but there was no one there that I liked.  We ended up going to another bar and there I met this really cute guy with blond hair and tattoos.  I actually ended up going home with him (surprise surprise) and the next morning he bought me coffee and dropped me off at home.  He was really sweet and I really hope we hangout again.  Then the next night I recruited David and Evan to go out again and we also brought along another guy that works at my store who I’ve also hungout with a few times so it was me and three dudes going out.  Joann was supposed to come out with us but she hurt her knee that night so she stayed in.  We went back to the same bar we had gone to the previous night and again there was no one there that I liked so I mainly stayed with my three dudes.  It probably had a lot to do with the alcohol but David got weird on me just like Evan did a couple weeks ago and he asked me on a date.  I swear guys and girls cannot be friends because someone always ends up liking the other person.  I’m not interested in David at all like that.  I’ve never said or done anything to give him that idea so I don’t know why this keeps happening to me.  I guess maybe they see that every time I go out I hit on someone so they think they have a shot.  Anyways, I told David I just wanted to stay friends.  So I was exhausted from going out two nights in a row so I pretty much slept all day on Tuesday.  Yesterday I worked and even though I was kind of tired I kind of wanted to go out again.  At first I was going to go out with this guy I used to hangout with but haven’t talked to in a long time but he was driving back from the bay area so he ended up getting tired and just went to bed.  Then I hit up this other guy I had class with and we ended up going out to this club where I met this really hot Adam Lavine lookalike.  Between him and my friend, they both bought me drinks and I actually didn’t spend anything which was a first.  I think my friend was a little butthurt that I was flirting with this other guy cause he got real quiet and said he “felt sick” and went home even though I know he drinks a lot so that seems like a stretch.  He probably won’t want to hangout again.  I went home with the Adam Lavine lookalike and we couldn’t do much because I was still on my period so it was a short night.  I went home and we didn’t even exchange numbers which was fine with me.  It was just a one time fun night.  Tonight I’m supposed to go out for a coworkers birthday but it’s at a place I’m not a fan of.  I’ll still go and drink and be on the prowl just like usual.  First I should really try and go back to sleep or I won’t make it out tonight at all. 

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