Wrong Life

I sit here, warm tears fall down my face as I rummage through all the hurt, pain, and heartache to try and type this. I feel defeated. I haven’t decided in what way, but I lost. My inner self screams at me if I have self pity, so I move on, trucking through a life storm only to watch everything slowly get destroyed. Where have I gone so wrong to be where I’m at. Sad thing I don’t even know where I’m trying to know if where I’m is exactly where I should be. I have no control, no control of my life, relationship, or emotions. Is there anyone else going through the same thing or am I alone? I was asked today who, besides myself, do I have for support? My answer…”*Blank stare and crickets*” I finally figured out someone…MY BOSS! Seriously, the thoughts that start pouring in on how alone that sounded. As I continue to talk I realize I am so alone because I have created that world from the simple idea that no one can be trusted. I want to move my feet from the cemented blocks to discover what it is I am missing if anything. Maybe I’m not missing anything but am too blind to notice everything. “The only paths that are made, are the ones you create.”

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