About strength and love.

Sometimes there are situations when you have to strain most of opportunities in order to stay afloat and not go down. Both morally and financially. In such periods there is absolutely no strength to love and care about someone else. It is most difficult for those, who have children or animals. I absolutely can’t give the least bit of attention for my pet, when life begins to gain a more intense rhythm. I don’t want to do this, caz it angers me. At first, I felt a sense of guilt my indifference, but then I realized that I am not guilty. We don’t have to give our strength, if we aren`t have them.. No matter who: parents, children, spouses, animals. Yes, you can share it. But you should always remember about yourself. At least for the sake of loved ones. Because the human charge is not infinite, everyone needs to recharge their strength, otherwise it may you totally out of control and you will begin to eat. Just eat. Same spouses, parents and animals. Well, or yourself. Therefore, we are need to monitor, be sure to pay attention of our condition. Sometimes it is better to close mind and give less than to break and destroy the light that unites us with our loved ones.

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