all the feels.

I’m having a great time dealing with a lot of feelings because I’ve been getting too deep into fandom culture.

I haven’t even watched Wonder Woman yet, but ever since I saw the first gifset of Diana walking into no-man’s-land, and then kneeling and resisting the stream of bullets directed toward her… I have gotten goosebumps just by seeing the edits of her and Steve. For some reason, just the idea of someone being brave and good for no reason other than that she can and she wants to–that’s just amazing, and makes me want to cry.

I’ve also been reading some really great fanfiction, which never fails to make me emotional. Ahhh. Also, I’ve never mentioned it, but I absolutely love Pride and Prejudice. I have watched the 2005 movie one million times, and every time I watch it I think it’s beautiful.

Bones ended this year, which also gives me a lot of feelings.

On Monday we might go to Houston.

I miss my friends. Not just the ones I made in school here, but the ones I left.

I also watched The Truman Show a while ago, and it was soooo good. And sad, really. Sometimes it’s weird that Jim Carrey can both make such weird faces in comedy movies and then act in such serious movies.

I was looking through the official Hot Topic Instagram, and only found a select few things that I would actually buy. Hmm. It’s such a SHAME that they don’t carry more Paramore stuff. They do have a lot of P!ATD and TOP (sorry, not going to bother typing that slash-O symbol) stuff, but I don’t have really strong feelings about either of those bands. In all honesty, a lot of the TOP fandom (aka “the clique”) are really dramatic and annoying. Especially when they fight people for using “21p” to refer to the band, as if it’s some sort of blasphemy.

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