And Again

You came again. This time we were at some random place and there were a group of us. Now unlike the other dreams where we are dating or we are sneaking, in this dream we were not together, we were broken up and you were saying that you minister at weddings and other places like that and you minister the word of God and that God created the church as the Mormon church and that’s the church of old we need to move into a new space type thing (that’s what I remember about churches) but you were saying that God has you where you need to be, has us where we need to be and we’re not together right now and it’s not ok but it’s ok. But you know your time or rather our time will come and you are preparing yourself that, but that is not to say that you have stopped living, your living regardless, you’re dating regardless, but you’re preparing yourself for that time and you have faith that it will come you. In fact, you know that it will come and you were saying that with such conviction. This is the first dream that I’ve woken up from and it’s not as heart sore. I don’t have as much, ok I have a longing, but it’s not as painful as with the other dreams.

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