Break Free

“Feelings are feelings. They don’t have dumb or smart labels,” ~ Cherise Sinclair. Breaking Free

Unrequited love can be one of the hardest to overcome. To get past the yearning to touch another once again, almost an unbearable task. Especially when every time you see that person, your heart flutters and you catch yourself counting the seconds, so not to forget them. You can try to put them aside, but they never truly disappear. You still will feel exactly the same as you did the first time you met, kissed or loved that person. No matter how much you try to dismiss it. 

I have recently learnt that not only is it difficult to rebuild the walls that someone has taken down, it is incredibly hard to bury the burning emotions they created inside you as well. You can easily disguise the pain and hurt that you feel, when it is prominently made known that those emotions can never, nor will be returned. It will be a forever curious thing to me, to not fully understand as to why I had let others in; but allowed them to break my walls down as well. 

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