Day 490 – Nothing can ruin this day

Thursday, June 29th 2017

Today was amazing. I have never had such an incredible and only filled with good day in a while.

It started off not totally good, though (it is good, but just the nervousness of starting a job) – my employer called and asked me to work the night shifts. He knew it might not work, so I agreed with him there, and so he said he would leave me a message and find me a day shift. It was a bit rushed, since he called me as I was leaving for class. My last class. Keep note of this.

So Tuesday night I prayed that I would end up talking a bit to the cute guy next to me. That happened by working together. Then last night I prayed that if he was good for me in any way, I’d have confidence to get his number and something would push us to that point. Now you can see where this is going.

I arrived and sat down. We continued working and then finished. After that, he started talking to me : asking if I already had my G1, what grade I’m in, and so on. We ended up talking about quite a bit of ourselves; he talked a bit more about himself since I asked more. I maintained a decent amount of eye contact just so I could stare at his eyes, haha. Apparently he took technology classes like I did, Quebecois as well, and so on. Later I asked him if I could join him at lunch. He accepted and so we talked as we left to grab a table. Then I mentioned Wonder Woman and we started talking about Marvel. I didn’t know as much, so I asked him more about it. Then we kinda lost track and arrived as the lunch was basically over. At some point I saw him sleeping, not sure if it was now or earlier, but it was funny, since they turned the lights back on and he slightly jumped up. I wanted to say something about it, but the teacher was speaking and I don’t like speaking while they are teaching, out for respect. Anyway, later on we kept talking and I spent minutes trying to figure out how to ask for his number. I asked how old he was again to figure out if he was too old for meβ€”he asked if he was the only 18 year old once, but I wanted to make sure I didn’t mistake for over 18 instead, but he said he’s 18! He is much more mature and looks older for 18, but then again, guys at my school look like kids. But then he got called up before me to give in his final papers and I thought he was gonna leave once and for all before I could ask him, but I was reassured twice when I saw he still had his bag next to me and he was asked to sit back down after. I then said “Um…” Then a two second pause of building up confidence… “Do you want to exchange contacts?” He blinked twice and I was completely ready to be rejected, but then he smiled and said “Sure”. He asked me my name again and we just ended up switching phones. I got called up, so I let him enter the rest of his number and then saved his contact when I got back. We then talked on our way out and he asked which direction I was going when I was getting out my umbrella. I usually went to the left, and he was going to the right. I could’ve went either way and I’d arrive home at the same time, so I walked with him to his bus stop. We talked at his bus stop for fifteen minutes about languages, speech, moving houses and so on. Then his bus arrived, so after I told him I’ll see him again, and before he said bye, he said “You got my number, so text me whenever you wanna talk.” I smiled and said I will, then we said our final goodbyes and I walked home smiling like an idiot and not caring about the rain.

I told some people, like my family and second parents, but not Kohai. She will know in person. I just want to see her reaction to me, an incredibly shy and somewhat insecure person, asking for a guy’s number.

Anyway, since I was in such a good mood, I hosted and event and got a decent amount of players. Then I watched Sherlock ep2 s4 AND IT WAS SO GOOD! The twists, the side of the characters we have never seen before – a more real view into who they really are. And Mycroft’s temptation for that number near the end… That’s gonna be interesting.

I’m off to bed now. I’m just so happy. I broke my shyness and asked for a guy’s number : let’s just pray he doesn’t only sees me as a friend and that I figure out what to text him if he doesn’t text me first. I also got a good grade on my tests, 90%, 10% above the needed grade to pass, got to see players thank me and type smileys as they got their prizes for the events, then watched an amazing episode do Sherlock. I also get to sleep in tomorrow and see Kohai. I know I’m gonna have trouble sleeping tonight though haha. Just a lot of emotional thinking that my brain will want to go through.

That’s all for today.

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  1. Awww that’s so wonderful that you had such a good day and so many nice things happened! And congrats to you for being brave and asking someone for their contact info first, that is so awesome \(^w^)/ Especially when they’re cute πŸ˜‰

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