In the Bayou

My love is coming tomorrow!! I can’t fucking wait. I’m soooooooo excited! xoxoxoxo I missed him SOOOOOOOOOOOO much. I am meeting him at the airport tomorrow afternoon. 😍 Then dinner at a restaurant I think he will really like then going out for a few drinks, I want to show him everything! 😀

I’m arrived back in New Orleans this morning, and I’m staying with my aunt.

I had spent the entire week at my grandparents and I got some beautiful shots during the ‘walking’ (as opposed to hiking as I’m use to in Colorado) around the beautiful nature.

These pics were taken in the bayou near town, where my grandparents property ends. That big guy is resting on the log catching some sun. 

That sweet little girl is my cousin’s daughter, Laurélie.


Something I love about the weather out here is how it can change in 10 minutes. At one point it is bright and sunny, and then the clouds begin to come in and the sky turns dark. Its so dramatic, I love it. 

I love this place, its home 💖

Now we’re back to New Orleans and I love this city so much. I think I’d love to own a home in New Orleans someday. 

Tonight my aunt, Brièlle, and I are going to dinner and then a movie – its a girls night out.


2 thoughts on “In the Bayou”

  1. omg! nice pictures. I love them. That big guy resting on the log catching some sun looks like hes relaxing nicely but I must say I am a complete scary cat and that would scare me lol.

  2. Awe thank you.
    The scariest part was that he was only 30 feet away from us, and there is no barrier whatsoever that could have stopped him from swimming across and walking towards us. Also, they are extremely aggressive during these summer months because its mating season. I was with a group of my cousins who grew up in the bayou so they know their way around the gators. Still, it was pretty intimidating seeing one so close. Especially when they dip into the murky moss covered water and disappear from sight.

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