It’s Mountain Time

Good ol Coldierado….

After our long drive traveling around and got a taste of the Colorado life, I got home to an empty house of  lost memories. My divorce was almost finalized. The ex-hubby picked me up and we drove an hour out to sign our divorce papers. Even through it all, we still played the friends card. As we signed the papers, the lady commented that she couldn’t believe we were divorcing. We just laughed it off happy to finalize everything. As he put down the pen, he turned to me and said, “You want go to dinner? I need a drink” and I nodded my head. It was a good dinner and we both had plans to celebrate our divorce that night. I’m having a divorce party at the bar and he got stuck going to a wedding. lol. As he pulled up, he got out of the car to get one last thing from in the house. I’m walking up the steps and he stops in front of me to give me a hug  As I turn to walk away, I feel a smack on my behind with his last words, “I’m going to miss that ass! Good luck with everything!” and speds off in his truck. It’s funny to think of now, how we held a certain level of respect during that time. Those visits through the year, he would leave money all around. I would find hundred dollar bills everywhere. Even in my damn purse! I would just pile it up and leave it on the table for him when he came back. He would shake his head and it became a game. I told him to stop doing it. I wasn’t his responsibility anymore. The man made four figures and I did okay for myself (when I was working). Like I said, that year I wasn’t on my game and after getting laid off I just milked my unemployment deciding on what to do. He sat me down and said he didn’t want to see me struggle. It hurts him to see me without. I was a big girl and had to learn on my own. He respected it and learned to leave it alone. Except for my birthday, he gave me a card from my pitty with $300 bucks inside. He said I would make D1 (my dogs are the triple D’s) sad for not taking his birthday gift. It was a basket with hot cheetos, almond joys, and white powdered donuts tied to a balloon. Gotta love the creativity! lol. Back to the story, the house was gone. It never really felt like a home. We had just happened to see an opened house and decided to stop last minute. I remember complaining because I was wearing my work clothes, and just threw on these funky looking pink sandals.  He said we were just going through drive-thru! Food left in truck and next thing we know we are putting a bid in. One month later, we had the keys in hand. It happened so fast! Three months later, we both got laid off. The economy took a shit and everywhere you looked businesses and people were going bankrupt. Thank god for his parents that helped us with most of the house payment. Still, it took a toll on us and practically ruined our marriage. Less than a year  later, he was back to another job and I got a contract position for the time being. I also went back to school, Community college, but in his eyes a waste of time! Oooo…the arguments! I really don’t want to dwell on that past because compared to now….it was nothing to what I face today! So after the house sold, I stood with my mom for two weeks. Unhappily she took my two cats and my other pitty babies moved with me to the mountain state. I was firm with the decision of leaving, and my mom fought me every chance she got. The final day, my sister helped me pack my car up. As I hugged and kissed my mom goodbye, she fell apart in my arms holding me close. I cried with her. Excited yet scared to really leave everything and everyone I knew. I grew up in California. Born and raised blocks away from the beach. I was proud to be raised in my town. I remember crying on and off for the first hour. Feeling so overwhelmed! My phone going off like crazy, messages galore, and calls to see if I’m okay. I had booked a hotel in Utah that night. I needed something that allowed dogs and definitely be pitbull friendly. I had to stop every few hours to let them stretch and potty too. I remember stopping the night before at my ex’s to say my final goodbye to D1. My ex wasn’t happy. When I was leaving, he didn’t notice, I seen him starting to fall apart as he got in his truck; and totally sped off like a madman! When I got home I told my sister whato happened. She shook her head and said I was so blind. I was like, “About what?” She said, “Don’t you see he loved you that much to let you go! He knew you didn’t want to be with him anymore! He still loves you!” I shook my head, “NO, he’s just used to me. He settled because we are comfortable. He’s not in love with me anymore.” As she got up to walk away she shook her head again. All my thoughts ran through my head. A seventeen hour drive in between two days can do that to you! Where would I live you ask…let’s just say I was welcomed into a VERY opened home. Welcome to the world of living with a Tranny, her boyfriend, her husband, another gay couple, and guy with two girlfriends. It was the most interesting time in my life….how I really missed the ocean!

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