2 thoughts on “LEAVE.”

  1. Hi, Its really sad to know that you have decided to “Leave..”.
    I have been reading almost all of your article from “New Month, New Goals” to till “Stress”. I have liked all your articles.

    I started my journal almost at the same time, you were at your 5th or 6th article.
    My suggestion in, i know you haven’t asked one, but am saying as a good friend,
    you should not leave.

    Let me tell you, I haven’t visited the site from past 2 weeks as i was busy with work, today morning i was driving to office by thinking that, you might have written more journals by now and i haven’t written any so i have to write more by this week so that I can maintain the same number of posts that you do. But after seeing your lase journal “LEAVE”, I was kind of shocked. every world famous writer was once learning how to write A, B, C, D… so, it’s a start of our writing, let’s not stop.

    One day all these will pay off, and we will learn something.
    I am in search of what is my big strength and i have to nurture it, but whatever i can think of, the very first thing comes to my mind is “Communication” so until i find out my biggest strength, i will keep improving my communication, so i have to keep doing anything and everything that contributes to my communication.

    Anyway i wish good luck for your future endeavours.

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