Writing Prompt: Make a story about your username

“It’s “Black” without the K and “Jack,” without the C-0-7,” I said again and tapped my fingers rhythmically on the desk in front of me. The woman behind the desk tapped quickly on her keyboard and smacked her gum loudly.

“I’m sorry we don’t have any payments for you today,” she stared, definitely not sorry, over the top of her blue horn rimmed glasses. I rolled my eyes and counted to three as my hand clenched in anger.

“Next,” the woman took my silence as acceptance and called up the next person in line.  This was the third assignment I hadn’t been paid for. I put my hand through window and lifted the obnoxious woman out of her seat. The robotic fingers clenched her throat.

“Ugh…security,” the woman gasped as her hand fumbled for an alarm under desk she just couldn’t reach. It didn’t matter anyways the guards would be here in a moment. 

“This is the third assignment I haven’t been paid for,” I said through clenched teeth, and tightened her neck just a little more so she would know I was serious.

“I don’t handle payments….Randy *cough* does…” She sputtered out, her gum falling onto my metal hand. She pointed to a man behind a closed door. I immediately dropped her, and headed over to his office. 

The sirens sounded, alerting the local police there was trouble.

I walked into Randy’s office without knocking. I shoved everything off is desk and stared at him, daring him to tell me himself he refused to pay me. Randy pushed himself away from the desk, his eyes darting back and forth, looking for security or someone to help him.

“Why haven’t you paid me,” I growled and bared my teeth. 

“I..ahem…”Randy faltered and wiped sweat from his temple, “look Blacjak07, our circulation has been down….”

I slammed my fist on his desk, denting it, “you’re circulation is up because of me.” I squinted in a challenge for him to deny it. Randy closed his hinged open mouth, and weakly rolled over to his desk and opened the bottom drawer, pulling out a his checkbook.

“How..How…much,” he stuttered under my harsh gaze, “3,000, not a penny more or less,” I kept my one good eye squarely on the bridge of his nose. 

His hand shook as he wrote out the check, and handed it over. I swiped it from him and double checked it.

Winking, I folded the check and put it in my pocket.

“Randy are you alright,” Janice asked, her blue horned glasses hanging from around her neck.

“Yeah, yeah,”he  mumbled and straightened his papers.

“Why in god’s name do you keep such insane writers on our staff,” she chided and picked up a stray piece of paper near the waste basket.

“Blacjak07 is the best we’ve got, dammit, and we need ’em,” Randy sighed heavily and went back to typing.  

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