Day 080 – annual leave

Today was good.

I read a chapter of catcher of the rye and left for office, in office It was one of the best day I was happy but in the end some event set me sad.

I had too many meeting with CEO, couple of them were work related now CEO showing his confidence in me, I had notice one thing CEO gets my name on his mind, while he was talking about some other guy but he was calling my name:) and there is one more incidence of it: he was taking to some other team and he called my name again then he said sorry 🙂 lol It was so funny. and on day end I asked CEO I’m looking forward for my annual leaves for a week, he said sure just email me. 

Before leaving office I was upset about a thing which made me feel so doped and on returning home I was so angry on me, I spend 2 hours listening to music and ate apple and drunk plenty of water to keep me hydrate after that I offer prayer and went for jogging at night around 10 pm,  while I was on my way to park there is a book shop (religious books mostly) in the way so I went in ask him for some thing then he told me he didn’t after that we had a conversation not too long but It was a good conservation It made me feel better than before, he is a nice man after that I went to park did jogging and exercise after exactly one month and one week.

That’s all for today.

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