Day 21 of Sobriety

     Today was nice! I really like my sleeping pattern now that I’m always sober. I may not fall asleep until midnight if I work until 8:30pm, but I’m always up between 6am and 7am and I wake up refreshed! 

     I have a lot that I’m working on. Trying to get in contact with the credit union about an auto loan….for two reasons! I have good credit, but I want to establish even better credit. Plus, I need wheels to get around. Looking at a few pick ups or cars for now. Nothing too fancy, just something to get from A to B for now. Also looking at different options to better my education or a better paying job. 

     Have to play a campsite gig tomorrow! Should be a fun time! Gotta head over & help my Buddy load up equipment in the a.m. It would be great to see the kids. 

     Hope LLS is doing good! It’s been difficult. I genuinely care about Her feelings, safety and everything else. Sometimes She does fall into “depressed” states and I guess that I still love Her. But I sometimes have mixed feelings if whether I should persue the possibility of a future Relationship – mostly because we aren’t really on speaking terms and it bothers me. I want to get along but I have days where I’m not sure if She’s the right person for me and I feel guilty for feeling that way because She does in fact mean a great deal to me. 

Well – I’m tired but I feel very good. It’s a good feeling. 

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