[1] ~*Sat – 07/01/17*~

[7:30 pm]

I’ve been wanting to start a Journal for a while now so I’ve decided that today was the day. Of course, like a lot of people, I’ve had Journals in the past but I always stop writing after a few months. I mainly had “real” Journals and not online ones. I actually found a few of them last year when I was doing some cleaning but I threw them all out. Journals can be a nice way to remember good memories but it can also be very painful so I had decided to just let go of them.

I don’t think that I am starting a Journal for the memories but more to share my life and maybe get some feedback on certain things. That is why I decided to make this one available for people to read. I feel that I am so unlucky on many things and I just want to share those adventures of mine. (I might have to write about some past adventures but I’m sure I will be getting new ones soon enough.) Every time something happens, I just want to shout it out (good or bad). Sometimes I write emails to my friend about the silliest thing just because I feel like sharing and I always tell her that I will start a Journal instead of always bugging her with my life. Like I said earlier, today is the day! Now I will have a place to come write about things I want to just express instead of sending all that to her.

Anyways, I don’t really plan on explaining my whole life but more just going with it. I’m a person that worries and stresses about the silliest thing ever when some people have real things to deal with and that bugs me out so much but there’s nothing I can really do about it, it’s just how I am. I will probably be talking a lot about that as well.

I know I will more than likely be writing more than once on certain days and now I wonder if I should just edit the entry or start a new one when I do so. See, right there.. I am wondering about a silly thing, a decision that shouldn’t need any worry but then I make it bigger than it should be. To edit or make a new entry?! Decision, decision.. 

Alright, I think this shall be all for now and see where this leads me.




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