[1] ~•Marching Band•~

So, this is my first entry and I decided to make it about this thing that really got me thinking today. There was a marching band outside our house this afternoon and its ok I guess. I didn’t think much of it at first and questioned my families reactions to it. They were quite excited and insisted on taking pictures etc. I mean, it was only a marching band . They eventually got back to their lives after a while and I was left siting there on the windowsill watching. As I continued to watch, I began to think about how organised the march was and how the drummers and every member moved together in unity. How their legs followed each other in accordance and how when they stood still and matched on the spot together, it looked almost as if they were in fact dancing (somehow ) . And you know, it’s cool to watch. Especially the men in red , in their top notch uniforms and holding staffs and drums. Real handsome . It reminded me of a scene in Pride and prejudice wherein the girls cooed over soldiers marching by. I wanted to be where they were. It’s all really dreamy and exciting. And after a while , I began to want them to keep coming in from behind that corner turn where they seemed to be matching  from. And they did , but in Purple uniforms and brown etc. Eventually it stopped but I had a whole video to remind me of the experience 😌

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