Last year my biological brother left the house and when I text him on his birthday I wished him the best he told me I am not his sister and he told me to not text him. It’s crazy when you have summer school and plus you are working in summer and it’s hard when people hurt you and then trying to come back to your life but you don’t know what to do anymore. After my brother left the house I can’t truly trust people I am afraid to get hurt. Sometimes I don’t know what God trying to do. I know it’s not good idea keep questing God because we will never find out the real answers to our questions. I am confused and lost. I feel like I stopped spending time with God. I am afraid of losing relationship with God 

2 thoughts on “Afraid”

  1. This broke my heart. Keep your head up, keep praying, keep your faith. There is a reason for everything even when it seems all is lost.

  2. I know it feels like its not going to get better but it will. God is with you keep praying and never lose faith.

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