249.2 – NL  Officially closer to 200 than to 300, woohoo! And down 1.8 from yesterday, which is bananas

Morning folks. I spent a lot of yesterday moving, which was nice  Dad and I took a walk around our city’s lake, then later on Dad, my sister, and I took our niece and nephew to the pool since it was such a nice day. My shoulders got a little burned, but it’s all good.

Yesterday I ended up eating only part of what I planned. I downed all 6oz of salmon for breakfast, and then at like 4 PM I realized I hadn’t eaten anything else despite all the moving I had done throughout the day. I was a little peckish so I munched on some pork rinds and… that was it for the day. I skipped dinner because I wasn’t hungry in the least. This morning I feel good, and I am sipping on a little coffee.

Today is wide open, and I am looking forward to the possibilities open to me. I already cleaned the kitchen, took out the trash, and did a load of laundry, so I can be a lazy jelly bean for the rest of the day. I just got The Little Book of Hygge from the library, so I’ll probably inhale that today    

The plan today:

Have a fab day, all 

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