[2.1] ~*Sun – 07/02/17*~

[8:02 pm]

First, ARG! I just wrote a whole thing which saved twice for some reason. I didn’t check them before so of course I deleted one and looks like I deleted what I had wrote and this was just the time. Bleh! I need to start all over again. Teach me not to check things before deleting. Meh!

So I was saying.. Work was hell today, it was so busy. Only good thing about it being busy is that it went by fairly quickly but now my feet hurts. I’m also hungry and I have no clue what to eat. I just remembered that I had told myself I would go do a grocery after work and totally forgot. I guess I just wanted to come home after a day of work.

We went to the fireworks last night and it was sort of a bummer as the sky was foggy (rained all day) and the big ones were wasted as we couldn’t really see them. We could see the bottom but not the top as it was in the fog. They were half an hour late so we were leaving and of course as we were they started so I asked hub to park on the side of the road so we could watch them. Then it took half an hour to get back home in the traffic. It’s funny how people will go to a 10 mins activity and then be stuck in the traffic. (I can’t really say anything as I did go myself.) Fireworks just bring out so many people and it’s like over in no time. The wait is actually longer than the actual thing.

Now my doors.. We just got our garden doors changed and they are pissing me off. First, I ordered them back in Nov and just got them installed last Tue. After all that wait, which got me super worried cause I HATE changes and we couldn’t get the exact same thing we had before (was told our doors were old style and they didn’t make them that way anymore). I was really worried of how I would feel about the new doors and to my surprise I really like them, they are so fancy. That said, there is a but, after looking at them closely, there are a few scratches on them and that really pisses me off. I’ve waited a really long time before these were installed, now I finally have them and they are scratched. We also had another door installed and some windows last month but when they did that they realized the garden doors weren’t the right size so we had to wait. When something is wrong I always want it to be fix right away so of course my doors are on my mind. I don’t know if I should email the manager to let him know or just go over on Tue to show him some pictures. I want them to fix it or discount them cause I won’t pay full price for something new that has scratches on it. 

Talking about scratches, my car is another one that is pissing me off right now. When I was on the highway Fri something hit my windshield and now it got 2 little scratches. It doesn’t really look like cracks but more like scratches. The thing is, I just had my windshield replaced last Dec and now I’ll have to go back to make sure this won’t become a bigger problem. We also need to change the windshield on the other car in the near future as that one has a huge crack. Seems that there is always something happening. Not always something big but always something.


[9:48 pm]

I just emailed the manager for my doors. I kinda feel a little bad cause I feel like I’m never happy and always complaining about something. Well, actually, I guess I really am never really happy cause things are never perfect enough for me which I totally hate. I’m not perfect myself, far from it, but I always expect everything to be perfect which normally isn’t and then I get all disappointing. I LOVE complaining too much. I wish I was more like hub, he never really cares about anything. My life would be much easier if I could be more like him and less like me. 

So yea, I had decided to start new entries when I come back to write but for this time I thought it might be better to just update my last entry as it is an update that I am doing on something I wrote in this entry. I’ve only started this yesterday and I feel like I will always be on here writing about everything and anything. I think I like writing too much and since I don’t really know what to really write about, I just write about my life as boring as it is. At least it keeps me busy and out of trouble. Bouhaha!

Time for a nice bath.. I need to relax. Really I should head to bed since it’s alright 10 pm and I had said this morning that I wanted to go to bed early tonight but what the heck, right?!




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