Day 22 of Sobriety

     Headed over this Morning to load equipment for tonight’s Show. My buddy that plays Bass in the band has really turned into a great friend! He used to annoy me by messaging me constantly – but that was mostly when I was drinking and in a negative frame of mind at times. 

     I need to surround myself with positive people! Staying busy has been great! 

     It’s awkward sometimes being over LLS’s way though! I’ve spent so much time with Her & The Boys and then here I am so close yet so far away. Love the Boys and Love Her. Miss them but I do question a lot of things. I guess questioning and thinking is part of the being sober process!! 

     Whatever happens happens – it’s just odd because I’d like to share my happiness with them – but at the same time would LLS be used to being around someone that’s upbeat and happy like I usually am now that I’m Sober. I mean, we had a lot of happy times but can Her happiness keep up with my happiness?? 

     Great show tonight! It was fun but I’m beat!! I have have to head over that way tomorrow to unload band equipment before I head to work. Awkward being over that way sometimes. I don’t like it when people hate me! I want to fix everything and get along. 

     Thought about writing Her a letter explaining a bit about my recovery and how I felt when I was drinking but the last thing that I want to do is bother anyone. 

     I’m glad that I’m on the right track! 

Gonna watch a movie and get some sleep. 

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