Day 492 – Happy 150th Canada!

Saturday, July 1st 2017

Today was fun.

We didn’t do much to celebrate Canada day cause of the rain. Quite a shame, especially since it’s the 150th. Instead, we put on our shirts, each with different designs with “Canada” on it.

I also texted that cute guy… I need to give him a name for here instead of just “cute guy”. How about… Marvel? We talked a lot about Marvel when we ate lunch together. But, I would like to call him Driver, but it sounds… movie cliché? I don’t know. It’s more fitting, though, cause we met at a driving class. Yeah, I’ll call him Driver, for now a least. Anyway, we were talking about the fireworks and I said I won’t be going cause of the rain, and he answered : “Aw damn i could have tried to go see them with you”. I was so happy when I saw that, since it assured that he’s definitely interested.

We went out to explore a few towns for houses on sale. I took the a lot of driving as practice for driving myself; I usually looked around at signs and evaluated my brother’s driving without saying anything. Then we went to see The House at the cinema. It was okay. Chuckles here and there, but most jokes were a bit boring. I mostly liked Alex’s haircut, since I might get it.

At home I played some more Crash Bandicoot, went on the server, watched Sherlock (got my hopes up for a certain favourite villain), and then Supernatural. I also talked with WindSailor quite a bit, which is always nice.

That’s all for today.

2 thoughts on “Day 492 – Happy 150th Canada!”

  1. Well hey, while Driver might sound movie-cliche, at least it sounds cool, just like Adam Driver! Although I suppose his portrayal as Kylo Ren might not be the coolest character to be reminded of XD (Although tbh, I really do think Kylo looks really cool in gifsets)

    And happy birthday to Canada, the nice neighbor of our angry child America! Cheers for being an awesome country with awesome people 😀

  2. That’s trueeee, Adam Driver never came to mind until you mentioned!

    Thanks! haha. Now it’s you guy’s turn in a few days to celebrate your country’s birthday c:

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