Do It Your Own Window Treatment!

So, you have beautiful windows in your home. And we’ve taught you how to clean those windows so they are streak free (you’re welcome). Now what? You want to show off those windows, right?

But we also have a few ideas up our sleeves to help you showcase your windows and turn those old, drab window doldrums into magnificent masterpiece. Whether your style is soft-spoken and charming or bold and elegant, we’ve got you covered with four great DIY window treatment ideas.

Curved Curtain Rod
A curved curtain rod adds a new dimension to your window. It takes away a sense of ordinary and it makes the room look larger. This is an easy and inexpensive upgrade for any room in your home.

Cardboard Window Valance
There’s nothing like a fun Sunday afternoon DIY project. You’ll need some fun quilted fabric and the cardboard from an old appliance box. If you don’t have an old box you can pick up some foam board from Hobby Lobby. The really cool thing about this DIY project is that it’s inexpensive and you can change up the valance seasonally if you want.

Criss-Cross Panels
Pick up two long panels of a fabric you like and hang the panels on the curtain rod, criss-crossed. This is a super-easy makeover for your window. Depending on the fabric you pick out, it can also be pretty inexpensive which allows for frequent changes.

Window Seat
There’s just something about a window seat that adds a fun element to a room. The really cool thing is that these DIY window seats can be functional as well. Basically, turn your favorite bookcase on its side and put a cute cushion on top of it. You’ll have a fun resting spot and extra storage. Just remember to make sure the bookcase can support the weight of those sitting on it! If you want to learn more about storm window repair,residential glass and glass agawam click here.

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